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Serendipity is also seen as a potential design principle for online activities that would present a wide array of information and viewpoints, rather than just re-enforcing a user's opinion. Serendipity is a happy and unexpected event that apparently occurs due to chance and often appears when we are searching for something else. It's a delight when it happens in our daily lives and has been responsible for many innovations and important advances in science and technology. It may seem odd to refer to chance when discussing science.

Serendipity in research & innovations

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Methodology and Demographics This paper summarizes the results of SAGE research and development efforts in 2015, including user-experience (UX) research, semi-structured interviews, and surveys alongside reviewing the relevant published library and information science literature. The Serendipity in Research and Innovation, SIRI, project will investigate the role, management and impact of serendipity on research performance, focusing on the desirability and feasibility of targeting research. Read a preliminary research agenda. Serendipity in the research field of magnetism A bundled soft X-ray beam with a diameter of less than 50 nanometers writes numerous magnetic vortices, which together form the term "MPI-IS".

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Its research findings will also help individuals become more tuned to innovations in their personal lives. Hundreds of pharmacological and technological innovations have come into being through 株式会社Serendipity In Research&Innovationsの法人情報掲載ページです。株式会社Serendipity In Research&Innovationsは2020年11月24日に法人情報の更新が行われました。住所や更新日、詳細情報の登録がされているページにおいては、株式会社Serendipity In Research&Innovationsの事業内容や問い合わせ先なども確認 In a multi-year-long research project, we found that RLabs developed a number of simple practices that successfully shaped mindsets, and enabled serendipity to blossom. 1 By providing simple rules of thumb that empowered partners to make do in their respective contexts, RLabs was able to function with a small team while growing the reach of the organization.

Serendipity in research & innovations

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Cancer Research och mer  There's an element of serendipity in how this study came about.

Serendipity in research & innovations

conference of education, research and innovation, 9-10 November 2020, Sevilla Spain.
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In this paper, I argue for understanding serendipity in science as an emergent property of scientific discovery, describing an oblique relationship between the outcome of a discovery process and the intentions that drove it forward. Serendipity research in management literature Given the central role of uncertainty in today’ s world and fi rms’ need to innovate, the phe- nomenon of serendipity has only attracted limited Conclusions: By including serendipity in information behaviour models, the frameworks arrived at should help further research in this area. A working definition of serendipity in information behaviour is a starting point for other researchers to investigate related questions in the area.

Y1 - 2013. U2 - 10.1177/1468794113488743.

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Increasingly, these flows of people  However, serendipity in the context of social encounters has been the subject of few particularly in the context of innovation processes and scientific discoveries . Constructive research on artificial serendipity has focused on de 10 Aug 2020 Matt Ridley's How Innovation Works is a treasure trove of examples to applied research which (purportedly) leads to economic progress. that merely framing an innovation as the result of serendipity leads to more negative evaluations. in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 42, eds.

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… 2017-12-08 2012-04-02 For more than a decade, Serendipity has focused on transforming cutting edge technologies into products and services that bring value to the world. Ranging from environmentally friendly alternatives to existing products to novel products that pave the way and set new standards in their respective fields, we seek to build sustainable businesses with global markets. 2018-04-25 2021-01-26 Serendipity in Research: Let's Not Leave It to Chance. Nick Shockey is Director of the Right to Research Coalition. There has always been something serendipitous about the progress of research—the right person coming into contact with the right ideas under the right circumstances.

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Note that, in all cases, having made the initial unexpected observation – either from unstructured exploratory research, or in the course of investigating something else – the researchers went The discovery arose from a single observation on a single cat, yet opened up a new field of research, with ramifications in the areas of genetics, anatomy, and neurobiology. The unfolding of new knowledge, especially relating to vision in mammals, is described within the context of serendipity in animal research.

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to meet Jack Andraka, perhaps 株式会社Serendipity In Research & Innovations 持続可能なイノベーションによるより良い未来をつくります。 東京都 渋谷区神南1-11-3,PORTAL POINT SHIBUYA FD-04 2013-02-18 2001-05-10 Second in a #ReadWithMe series. Matt Ridley’s How Innovation Works is a treasure trove of examples which suggest that innovation is often serendipitous. Indeed, sometimes “use precedes understanding”. Writes Ridley that “throughout history, technologies and inventions have been deployed successfully without scientific understanding of why they work”. 2016-05-01 Key findings on serendipity in innovation are detailed in a paper, “Discovery Is Never by Chance: Designing for (Un)Serendipity,” by experts at the University of Southampton, UK and Microsoft Research. The paper describes how computer scientists have been generating “serendipity-inducing systems.” 2018-02-01 most important yet most elusive facets of discovery: serendipity.